Frequently Asked Questions

We are a network of people who want to help the men and women who are asked to do some of the toughest jobs to get the help and treatment needed to recover from trauma. We have a full understanding of the limits of current protocols and will provide treatment grants to those  in need.

Ayahuasca ceremonies can be extremely difficult as they can bring up unresolved trauma and force individuals to deal with it. They also can bring lessons to direct those who are willing to listen. Plant medicine is a tool and a guide. It is up to the individual to follow the guidance. Doing Ayahuasca requires a high level of commitment to positive change and can be maximized by doing it with the proper preparation and in a safe setting with experienced Shamans who bring their cultural energy to the ceremony. We have vetted the treatment centers as well as the integration specialists we provide as options for applicants. We recommend refraining from relying on the internet for info on what to expect as each individual can have a very different experience. We are happy to answer questions as we have first hand knowledge we can share.

We are limiting applicants to only combat veterans and police officers that have been diagnosed with PTSD and have attempted to get help through traditional channels with little or no result. We ask applicants that contribute to the cost of their healing journey if possible to do so as we want to help as many as possible. However, we do not want cost to be a barrier to getting the help that is needed. We will require a dd-214 and proof of law enforcement service as well as a PTSD diagnosis.

For qualified applicants our treatment grants include 3 prepwork sessions, week long retreats at our preferred treatment centers such as Rythmia and Soltara, 7 integration sessions on return, and travel expenses.

If you do not qualify due to medical screening criteria we can advise how to address so you can participate safely. If you need guidance we can also provide guidance on how and where to seek out other PTSD treatments that may work for you. Ayahuasca is not for everyone and we will only provide grants to those in need and can do it safely.

Preparation for the ceremony can be a humbling and enlightening experience itself. You will practice a dieta – this will give you the chance to explore your relationship with certain foods, activities, and other substances. Generally, you will refrain from eating much meat, processed food, sugar, dairy, spice, garlic, onion, certain fruits, fermented foods, and yeast. Altering substances will be avoided too, including alcohol, caffeine, and marjiuana. This is a time for quieting down, setting your energy, and tuning into your own vibration and frequency. Limiting or eliminating social media, television shows, and movies will be highly encouraged. There should be no sexual activity, including masturbation. The dieta is an opportunity for self-inquiry – it has the potential to uncover much through its practice. You will have the guidance of a preparation coach to navigate through the challenges and opportunities it presents. 

Integration is a landing of the plane after your experience. It takes conscious effort to take what you experienced and renegotiate your life so that the truths you felt can be lived into. Your experience may very likely be valuable and insightful all on its own but it’s up to you to investigate how it can contribute to your daily life and continued healing as you move forward. The integration period may extend over years and years – the insights will continue to surface as they are intended to, and will be ever more powerful for us if we maintain the space and intention to receive them. 

There are an increasing number of studies showing that treatment of PTSD with ayahuasca or its active ingredient DMT (dimethyltryptamine) may be an effective alternative therapy when given to the correct individuals and combined with integration therapy. Davis et al. in “Psychedelic Treatment for Trauma-related Psychological and Cognitive Impairment among US Special Operation Forces” showed retrospectively that treatment with DMT significantly reduced self-reported , suicidal ideation, cognitive impairment, depression, and PTSD symptoms 30 days after treatment. Not everyone is eligible for therapy based on their medical history. It is imperative to speak to your health care professional to determine your suitability before proceeding for therapy with ayahuasca.  Integrative therapy before and after the treatment is essential to a positive response which is why we will arrange sessions before and after your treatment to ensure you get the most benefit. We know there is no magical bullet but want to give you the tools to heal and move forward with your life and families.


Exclusion Criteria:


Schizophrenia , primary psychotic disorder, bipolar 1 disorder, dissociative identity disorder, current alcohol and substance abuse disorders.

Comorbidities : 

Uncorrected Coronary Disease , Congestive heart failure, Uncontrolled Hypertension , history of arrhythmia, prolonged QT interval on EKG.

We are a small non profit organization so please be patient as we will carefully review all applications that are submitted. After we have reviewed and verified an application we will contact you to schedule an interview to ensure we select those who will be 100 percent on board with working toward positive change. If selected we will reserve dates and schedule prep sessions prior. From the date you have been selected to the time you leave for treatment may vary due to vacancy and all prep work. Minimum time would be approximately 1 month.

Costs vary based on treatment facility and airfare. Current estimates are $8000 + airfare.

If you would like to sponsor an individual for a Healing Grant. Please contact us.

100% of your donations will go to helping heal our nation’s warriors.