We Are Often Asked…”How Can I Help?”

We are so glad that you asked, and that you are interested in joining this heroic fight.

Sponsor A Warrior

Do you know a warrior that is struggling with PTSD and interested in exploring ayahuasca, but struggling to make it happen? Sponsor them! If you would like to sponsor an individual for a Healing Grant, head over to the form on this page and let us know!


We are searching for partners to help us fundraise. What event can you organize that will attract your friends and family? We are searching for locations and venues to host a fundraiser to help us raise awareness and donations.


We are always looking to partner with mental health professionals, researchers, and people with other professional skill sets in order to enhance the support that we can give to the veteran community.

Current Openings

We are searching for a volunteer Social Media expert to help us utilize Facebook and Instagram (potentially other platforms to create awareness for the Warrior’s Healing Network. Key duties include:

  • Develop monthly social media marketing campaigns
  • Interact and engage with social media users
  • Help to create a social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements
  • Researching social media trends and informing management of changes that are relevant to the company‚Äôs marketing activities

Interested? Please email us, or fill out the form.

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