Ray Murphy on Street Cop Podcast

On today’s episode, Dennis speaks with founder of Warriors Healing Network & HRD Police K9 training, Ray Murphy. Ray is a US Marine veteran 0331 who served with the 1st Battalion 2nd Marines STA platoon during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm. After the Marines, Ray attended Illinois State University, where he graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice Sciences. He is the owner and founder of Koru K9 Dog Training and HRD Police K9, serving as a trusted advisor and trainer to some of the most elite law enforcement K9 units across the country. The focus of HRD Police K9 is to create intense scenario based training to help save lives on the street. Ray has first hand knowledge with complex PTSD, and the short falls of existing treatment options especially within the VA system. He has personally attended Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica and can speak to the use of Ayahuasca Ceremonies as an effective treatment for PTSD as well as the importance of set and setting when choosing a safe treatment option. Knowing what is expected from our men and women in the military and/or law enforcement, he felt more needs to be done to actually help them deal with the crushing symptoms of PTSD he started Warriors Healing Network to give those in need the opportunity to get back in the fight for their lives. Find out more about Warriors Healing Network here: